Everything meaningful starts with a series of small steps.

Livable City Group believes that small interventions can make a big difference. Our practice focuses on action at the hyper-local level, helping our clients develop  quick, actionable, and responsive solutions that are relatively inexpensive to implement. Sometimes small changes in the urban realm can make a big difference in building cities that are more enabling, interesting, and fun.

All action is local.

Do. That’s the definition of creating great innovative change. That’s it. Every new idea starts with one person taking action. At Livable City Group, we help our clients discover how to take a few small steps that can lead to big positive change in their cities.

Cities should be Enabling places for all people.

Do our livable cities enable people of all abilities to thrive? Do our physical places disable some people by the very nature of their design? Livable City Group strives to create enabling places in all of its projects so that people with a wide range of abilities can find their communities to be truly livable.

Innovation is participatory.

Innovation isn’t something that you buy from a consultant. Innovation comes from you. At Livable City Group, we work with you and with your constituent groups to develop solutions that come from the people who know the problems best – you.


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